When I first discovered Yoga in 2003, a Fire was lit within me that has inspired me to inspire others, empowered me to empower others in their ability to expand and transform their minds, their bodies, their relationships with themselves, and the consciousness with which they conduct not only their practice, but their lives.
As I believe that the body is a learning device for the Mind, I have worked wholeheartedly and passionately to do the work of asana to balance, open and strengthen the body, and through the body, the mind. I have therapeutically opened and strengthened my shoulders, my spine, my hips, knees, and ankles, my mind, my heart, and my life.
As Seen Ins: Asana International Yoga Journal (cover), Palm Springs Life Magazine, Dharma Talk, New Realities on Youtube, and more!
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NewRealities with Alan Steinfeld 09/02/2021 "The Feminine Perspective on Spirituality and UFO with Desiree Hurtak"

I have been Student, Teacher, Studio Owner, Presenter, Demonstrator, 5 time California State Champion, on the National stage 6 times, and Nationally ranked, Head Coach and Judge for USA Yoga and the International Yoga Sports Federation. I have Coached dozens of yoga athletes comprehensively on Regional, National and International Stages.  I’ve mentored and taught at Bikram Yoga Teacher Training as well as 2nd generation Trainings, and demonstrated the advanced series alongside Bikram, Emmy,  International Champions, and many others for the new graduates of seven trainings, each with an audience of 300 to more than 450 people.
Now Teacher of Teachers of Teachers, I have expanded far beyond the 26, or even the 84, inviting the Wisdom of the ages, the Wisdom of multiple disciplines, and the Wisdom of all limbs of yoga as well as extensive Spiritual Sources in to my practice, my Consciousness, and my Heart. I Teach from the Knowing in my Tissues and my direct experience of having created some of the deepest and most complex postures “from scratch.” I understand how to use the modalities of the Mind and Connection to Breath to get there.
Through the Niyama of Self Study and Spiritual Study,  I have embodied and integrated numerous  Spiritual Wisdom Teachings into my Being, and share mySelf in this way freely.
And as Self Cultivation Leads to Service, I’ve included the Transformational Magic of Breath Work in my Offering by becoming  a Certified Breath Work Facilitator through Alchemy of Breath.
As an International Yoga Teacher and Coach, Public Speaker, Intuitive Spiritual Counselor and  Breath Work Facilitator,  I lead Trainings and Seminars, Teach at Teacher Trainings, and hold Private Sessions, Spiritual Consults, Retreats, and WorldWide E-Learning / Online Courses. I am here to equip you, empower you, and to Support you in your Expansion! And by the way, I Love You! 




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