I offer a wide variety of menu items to custom craft a day, weekend, or weeklong event tailored to meet the needs of your community! Whether you're interested in Traditional 26&2 or the original 84 Asanas, Yin Yoga, Childrens Yoga, Yoga for Trauma, Educational Support for Students or Teachers,  Personal Coaching to enhance your knowledge of Posture Acquisition and Practice Expansion, Philosophical or Spiritual Lectures, or Breathwork,  Each of my Energetic Events is formatted with your input, to be comprehensive yet deeply personal, spontaneous and specific. All events are suitable for All Levels of Practice. Check my list of Menu items, and invite me to your Community, Region, or Country! Ask me about Virtual Seminar Opportunites, as well!


Check my Events Calendar for the opportunity to Visit Me for an Intimate, Deep, Personal and Specific Private Retreat! I'll give each small group My Undivided Attention and Lay the Love Down Hard on All the Levels! Each Event has a Specific Focus, with unrivaled Quality, Connection, and Attention! 

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